The comfort of wool


Wool is a natural fibre and consists of soft thin hair from an animal’s fleece. Wool has a heat-insulating effect. This is attributable to the trapped air between the fibres of the hair.


Other important properties of wool are:

  •  Good ventilation
  •  No creasing
  •  No electrostatic charge


Sandwich uses a great deal of wool for sweaters, vests and coats. We always search for the right combination of yarns for each individual design to achieve maximum wearer comfort. A frequently used yarn combination for our knitted items is a wool and acrylic blend, for example. This blend is very easy to care for, strong and soft and pleasant to wear. You can recognize our woollen items by the sheep label.


General care

Keep woollen clothes clean by hanging them up to air after wearing. Try to wash them as little as possible. Don’t hang a woollen garment in the direct sun and store it folded flat in a wardrobe or drawer. Place a patchouli or lavender bag in the drawer to keep away moths.



Wool can be washed by hand or in the washing machine, using a special wool cycle. Always use lukewarm water if you hand wash the garment. Put the correct amount of special wool detergent in the water and then place the garment into the water. Gently swish the garment through the water, and avoid kneading, twisting or rubbing. Rinse the garment in lukewarm water. Never rinse in cold water because the sudden difference in temperature could cause the material to shrink. After washing a woollen garment, it’s not recommended to dry it on a hanger since this might cause it to lose shape. Read the washing instructions carefully before you start.



Never dry woollen items in a clothes dryer. Gently squeeze out the water from the washed item without wringing or stretching. Carefully pat the damp garment into its original shape. Let it dry flat or supported on a towel.



It is not recommended to iron woollen garments. Wrinkles generally disappear once the item is being worn. Stubborn creases can be removed by steaming. Hang up the garment in the bathroom and turn on the warm water. The resulting steam will remove the creases. Carefully follow the ironing instructions on the label.

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