Our cotton


Our high-quality cotton is produced in countries all over the world, for example China, the USA and India. After the cotton has been picked, it is cleaned and then spun into yarn at the mill. Cotton yarn is a versatile material and can be used to knit and weave various types of clothing.


The most important qualities of cotton are:

  •  Soft
  •  Strong and wear-resistant
  •  Crease-prone
  •  Moisture-regulating
  •  Skin-friendly

Cotton forms the basis of every Sandwich collection. We use cotton for our T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants and sweaters, among others. We create the typical Sandwich look by dying our cotton in different ways and using different washes.



Cotton is well-suited for machine washing. Wash coloured cotton items separately and only with similar colours to keep them from bleeding onto other pieces of clothing. Use detergent sparingly and add 1 dl of white vinegar, which will help to stabilize the colour. Bleach should only be used for white cotton.



Cotton is sensitive to light, so don’t dry cotton clothes in direct sunlight. Pat the garment gently into shape while still damp and hang it up on a drying rack. Do not use a high temperature setting if you dry the garment in a clothes dryer. Carefully read the instructions on the washing label.



Cotton can be ironed at a relatively high temperature. Always read the ironing instructions on the label first. Our designers frequently opt for different cotton finishes that might be sensitive to heat.

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