Combo fabrics


Combined Fabrics


Every Sandwich collection contains styles which are made out a combination of fabrics. We choose our signature fabrics like cotton and cellulose to combine with jersey or viscose. In some items we even enrich the garment with some embroidered details to give it an extra touch.


The advantages of combined fabrics:

  • Rich look
  • Comfortable feeling
  • Extra layering
  • Sandwich style


We have mastered the skill of combining fabrics by years of experience. The biggest challenge of producing a style with two different fabrics is dyeing of the textiles. We guarantee the colours will match to come to the best result. We work with specialists who are experienced in all steps in the process from dying fabrics, sewing and pre-shrinking these dual styles. To make sure there will be no surprises.


Care instructions


During the production process we tested the way of washing, drying and ironing of the garment to ensure the best quality. For specific tips please carefully read the instructions on the washing label of the garment.

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