T-shirts and tops are so incredibly versatile. They’re the foundation of every wardrobe. There’s a good reason why the white T-shirt is a classic in the fashion world. A well-fitting T-shirt needs little in the way of accessories and can be worn both casual and dressed-up. If you never want to feel like you have nothing to wear again, buy T-shirts in neutral colours such as white, black, dark blue and grey. Try a range of necklines such as a round neckline, a V-neck or a beautiful, wide boat neck. The length of the sleeves can make all the difference: short sleeves, sleeveless, 3/4-length sleeves or long sleeves. Try them out and find your perfect style of T-shirt.

What’s great about tops and T-shirts is that they can quickly give your wardrobe an upgrade. Add a top in a trendy colour and you instantly have a new outfit, without having to shell out. At Sandwich, we love prints, so there are always lots of different designs to choose from in our collection. Stripes, dots, flowers and plaids are the most common designs. Each season, we create new designs that not only look great with your favourite pair of trousers, jeans or skirts, but can also be combined with each other.
The fabric is another important aspect. Cotton and linen are popular summer fabrics. Silk, viscose and chiffon give tops a luxurious feel. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find a top to suit you in our collection.

In the summer collection, Sandwich has an extensive range of sleeveless tops, tanks and singlets. Great for hot days when worn with a skirt or shorts. If the weather gets cooler, wear your tanks under a sweater or as an eye-catcher under a loosely buttoned blouse, jacket or cardigan.

In short, you’ll find your favourite style and fit of T-shirts and tops in the extensive Sandwich collection.