Morning Sunshine

Getting ready for an exciting day.
The early morning sun makes it easy to get in the right energy.

Fresh, modern and still typically Sandwich thanks to the focus on clothes that make you feel good. Wherever you are. Whatever you’re doing.
Trendy clothing that never looses sight of a great fit, amazing fabrics and effortless combinations.


We’re starting the year with a delivery full of colour in which dots take the lead. Big, tiny, clustered, or
standalone, each print will bring a smile to your face.

The right clothes give a woman even more confidence. Which is exactly the reason why the Sandwich
design team focused on perfect and casual fashion for this season. Comfort and a feminine fit find
each other effortlessly in the newest Sandwich designs. And this is at the heart of the collection.
Because a woman who feels good in her outfit, will radiate her positive energy to the rest of the world –
wherever she is, and whatever she’s doing. And it’s this positive energy that is contagious.